Flavor of the Week: Sept 14-21

This week’s flavor of the week can be summed up into one artist, and one album at the moment. In preparation for a concert I’m attending next weekend, I’ve been listening to Stromae on repeat. Somehow I haven’t committed to purchasing the album…not sure how. As I’m writing the words, I’m still in wonderment. But it’s been a long week, and I’ve barely had time to think. Nevertheless, here is my flavor of the week playlist. I’ll include the track names, but they’re all by the same artist, Stromae. He’s a fantastic French rapper, if you haven’t heard of him yet, PLEASE go watch all of his amazing music videos. So visually creative and interesting.

  1. Ta fête
  2. Papaoutai
  3. Bâtard
  4. Ave Vesaria
  5. Tous les mêmes
  6. Formidable
  7. Moules frites
  8. Carmen
  9. Humain à l’eau
  10. Quand c’est?
  11. Sommeil
  12. Merci
  13. Avf

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