Review: Smooth & Protect Masque by Ulta

smThis next review is about the Ulta Smooth & Protect hair masque. I purchased this along with the Moisture & Shine masque by Ulta. I got this one not only because it was buy one get one free, but also because i really liked the smell. I love the smell that most keratin products have, so I just kinda went with it.

It finally came around the time of the week where I could do another masque, and since I’d already tried the moisture & shine masque, I thought I’d do this one. I did the same thing with the product where I shampooed my hair and just showered as usual. I worked in the masque from root to tip really focusing on the parts of my hair that felt dry and brittle as well as focusing on the ends. I left the masque in for five minutes and then rinsed.

The number one thing I liked about this product is that I liked the smell. My hair definitely felt smooth afterwards, but it didn’t feel nearly as good as it did when I used the other masque. I let my hair air dry, although I did add some Paul Mitchell Mousse (so that could have some effect on things) before I styled my hair.

When I did the first masque I just air dried and didn’t style or use heat, so that might have had an affect on the way my hair turned out. I thought my hair looked pretty good after the use of the masque and everything was cool. When my hair was fully dry, I straightened it because down here in Atlanta I get a million fly aways and I don’t like the look of frizzy hair on the ends. So I just straigtened my hair with my CHI and went about my day. Everything was good until the end of the day when I got home and looked at my hair. The ends just looked extra dead, limp and dry. Obviously NOT the look we’re going for here (or ever, for that matter). It looked like they definitely needed a little oil or something on the tips to help them out.

Now, I’ll probably give this masque a few more tries considering the fact that more than anything, I need a haircut. But I ultimately wasn’t super impressed by this product. Next on my list is the macadamia masque, which I hear works wonders. If you’ve tried it, let me know so I can have some feedback!

I hope this review helps & I hope you all enjoyed this post!



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