Review: Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam



Ok! Because I mentioned this product in a previous post, I wanted to do a quick review of this product. This has been one of my all-time favorites for so long. I started using this product in high school when my hair stylist put it in my hair and I just fell in love with everything about it.

I have fine, thin, blonde hair that isn’t too long, so I love any product that will make my hair fuller and more voluminous. This product is a light mousse that you can use for anything. I use this daily whether or not I blow dry my hair or use heat. It doesn’t make your hair crunchy or greasy…it’s just a really awesome product.

This product totally adds volume to your hair, and I feel like it honestly makes your washes last longer. I wash my hair every other day, and I feel like this product helps my hair stay non-greasy. With all of that said, this product is also great to use if you are planning on blow-drying your hair. It just gives you a really nice blowout and leaves you with hair that you can do anything with. I always use this product if I think there is even a possibility of me curling my hair. It just adds a little more insurance so you know your hair will last throughout the day.

You only need a little bit of this product to make it go a long way. Another note about this product is that it is GREAT for humidity. I live in the south, and so it’s totally necessary for me to have this as my hair insurance to make sure everything stays in place as long as possible. I used to believe that NO curl would stick in my hair, but this is honestly my holy grail to holding a curl. *To all my ladies who believe their hair WON’T curl, I have a few suggestions to help y’all out down below as well. * But anyways, this product is simply amazing, and it works wonders. As if it wasn’t already amazing enough, the smell is DELICIOUS. It honestly just smells like nothing else I’ve ever used and I truly wish that they had shampoo & conditioner to match this mousse…it seriously smells that good. 

NOW, for the ladies who are having trouble curling their hair: if you have tried mousse, hairspray, curlers, gel…the WORKS on your hair to attempt to keep that curl but nothing works, then my next suggestion is to get a perm. I know it sounds scary and like the last thing you want to do (especially if you’re not in high school anymore), but after I got my hair permed, something with the texture and hold totally changed. I can now do whatever hairstyle I want and guarantee that it will hold. I know the idea of a perm is scary and you might not like it, but if you really want to be able to curl your hair…maybe take this into consideration. Make SURE you are going to someone who has a great track record with perms and be sure that you follow all the instructions they give you post-perm, otherwise you can royally fuck it up (like I did the first time). But that’s my best advice.

ALSO: one last piece of advice for curling your hair is to maybe look into getting a better curling iron. I’m not talking about dropping mad cash by any means, but I’m pretty skeptical about the curling wands they sell at target or Wal-Mart. your best bet is to find a Sally’s Beauty Salon and to buy one of their curling wands. I personally suggest anything by Hot Shot Tools—everything is super high quality, and I’ve found that these curling irons curl my hair SO much faster than any Conair or Revlon curling iron ever did.

Okay! That’s all. I really hope this review helps and that you go buy this delicious hair product. If not for the volume, hold, or whatever then at least for the smell.




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