Review: Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Spray

nymI’ve been reading a ton of reviews on this lately, and to be honest, a lot of them surprised me. I saw a ton of complaints that it “doesn’t work” and “doesn’t hold curl” and blah blah blah. the first thing I want to say to all of that is: hold on! let’s rewind. this is texturizing spray — not “I make your hair surfer babe wavy.”

now maybe I’m the one who went into using this product blindly, but when I see “texturizing spray,” I just assume it’s going to give my hair a little more life. it’s going to help with the body of my hair and give it a little something to hold on to, especially when I’m styling my hair. I have very fine & thin hair, so if I’m going to curl my hair after I’ve just washed it, my hair is usually way too silky for my curling wand—it just slips right off! and because of that, I love using this product. a few sprays really gives my hair that extra grip it needs when wrapped around my curling wand.

that being said, I do beachy waves all the time. they are probably one of my all-time favorite, lazy girl hairstyles, and this texturizing spray totally helps with that. it helps me achieve the lazy waves I’m looking for without having to really overdo the amount of heat I use. I still use my curling wand to give me those beachy waves, but I only spend about five to ten minutes on my whole head to achieve this look when using this texturizing spray—it just gives them a little more body, a little more of a natural look, and it smells amazing! 

I hope you found this review helpful in some way! let me know if you go out and buy this product & how you liked it.



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