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Hey everyone!

If you can’t tell, this next review is about one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. When I first walked into Sephora the day i purchased this palette, I originally walked in to purchase the NAKED palette. Now, this was when I was first discovering high-end beauty products, so when I saw the price was $52, I opted for the next best option. One of the sales people suggested that I check out this Too Faced Natural Eye palette. And oh my gosh you guys, ever since I’ve been in love with this palette. If you are someone who is looking for something very similar to the NAKED palette, but not willing to spend the $54 (I think prices have gone up since 2010), then I highly suggest this palette.

I personally absolutely LOVE the silk teddy base shadow and find that you can really wear it anytime with or without the additional colors in the row to make that perfect smokey eye. I do a lot of mixing with this palette and don’t necessarily always use the colors that are in the same rows together, though.

I love this palette because it offers a very neutral, matte daytime eye that can be for beginners or for people who prefer the natural, non-sparkly look. BUT you can also rock the sparkles during the day and do a soft smokey daytime eye with the second row of colors.

My only hesitation with this palette is the color nude beach on the bottom left. I think anyone who has purchased this palette can agree that the color is crumbly and weird. It gets all over your faces and just puts sparkles EVERYWHERE. I found that frustrating because it looks like such a pretty nude color, but it’s more annoying than anything that it gets all over your face.

I, of course, ran out of the silk teddy way before any of the other colors even had a dent in them. I wanted to repurchase that specific color because I loved it, but we all know that a lot of times Too Faced doesn’t ever sell individual eyeshadows. So my next best bet was Stila’s eyeshadow in “Kitten.” this is honestly the best match you are ever going to find for the “Silk Teddy” shadow. Now unfortunately, I’m super picky and I travel a lot. One time I was flying home or god knows else where, and when I opened up my suitcase and got my makeup bag out, my Stila eyeshadow had totally cracked and crumbled. The mistake was in the packaging, I believe but it was enough to make me look elsewhere for a shadow that was more durable for travel (and the people who throw your bags at the airport).

SO, with that I went back to Sephora in search of a new replacement shadow and wound up with the color “Sin” from Urban Decay. It’s the same exact price as the Stila shadow, but I’ve found it to be much more durable. I’ve repurchased this product twice, and I genuinely love it. I think it’s a great base for all over your eye, and it’s just really pretty and shimmery. My friend recently got me a sample of Stila’s “Kitten”, however, and I have to admit that I am secretly kind of missing that sweet, champagne-y color it gives off.

I hope this helps any of you who are fighting the struggle to or not to buy the NAKED palette, or if you are just genuinely interested in a good, simple palette that isn’t extremely overwhelming with choices.

I personally also love all the NAKED palettes, but wanted those of you on a budget (or just beginners) to know what has worked for me! The pigmentation in this palette is awesome and the colors don’t crease or get dull throughout the day (with a primer, of course, but more on that later).

That’s it for my review today, but I really hope this helps all of you!




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