3tav2 weekndzWhile here in Atlanta, I’ve been checking a bunch of things off of my “to do” list, and on my “to do” list are a bunch of breweries. The first two photos are of a great local brewery called 3 Taverns. I loved their “Single Intent” but it’s only available for a limited time, so go get it now!

The last photo is from Monday Night Brewing Co. I went there last night (on Monday, ha-ha), and it lived up to the hype. their “Fu Manbrew” was probably my favorite. I also tried the “Eye Patch Ale” (even though I’m not much of an IPA girl), and it was a really drinkable IPA. The last beer I tried was the “Nerd Alert” and unless you’re eating something with a lot of flavor, I wouldn’t go for this beer. Make it worth it and drink another glass of the “Fu Manbrew” (pronounced FU *fooooooh* not F-YOU, don’t be a newb like me).

I hope you all enjoyed this read. until next time.



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